WodUp offers three types of accounts that provide different levels of access to WodUp's platform. This article explains the difference between each type of account and how to change the assignation. 

Member Account

When you add a new user to WodUp, s/he will automatically be assigned a Member account. Member account holders can view the WOD, log their workout results, see the leaderboard, socialize with other athletes on the platform, and log personal workouts (a personal workout is anything not programmed by your gym).

Users with a Member account do not have access to Admin or Coach features, such as WOD programming and publishing.

Admin Account

An Admin account is assigned to gym staff. An Admin account holder has access to WodUp's administrative features, including billing, WOD programming, member account creation, and other settings related to the gym’s operations. 

Users with Admin access privileges can also use WodUp to log their workout results.

Coach Account

A Coach account has all of the same access rights as an Admin within WodUp, except for the ability to view and edit billing information. 

Users with Coach access privileges can also use WodUp to log their workout results.

How to Change a User's Account Type

From the People page, click on the "Options" button. Select the desired account type.

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