Check out today's WOD to prepare for class or see the leaderboard. View any prior WOD published by your gym to log results, make up a workout or see the leaderboard.  

View Today's WOD

You can view today’s WOD from WodUp on your phone or PC. Today’s WOD is the first thing displayed when you log in to How convenient!

View Tomorrow's WOD

Upon logging into, you will immediately see today’s WOD. To view tomorrow’s WOD, select Tomorrow from the top of the screen on your phone or PC. 

No WOD published? 

Upcoming workouts will be published on WodUp based on the time selected by your gym. For example, tomorrow's workout may be published at 12 midnight and will not be visible prior to this time.  Check with your gym to learn what time they publish upcoming WODs. 

View a WOD From a Different Day

Follow these steps to see a past workout from your gym. You can check out the leaderboard for that day's workout, or choose to make up the workout and log your results. 

From your phone:

  1. Log in to WodUp.

  2. Click the menu (three bar icon) in the top left corner of the screen.

  3. Below your gym’s name, click Calendar.

  4. Select the desired month, and scroll down to view all WODs programmed by your gym. 

  5. You can select any prior WOD to see the workout, check out the leaderboard and/or log your results.

From your PC:

  1. Log in to WodUp.

  2. Click on your gym’s name at the top of the screen. From the drop-down menu, select “Calendar.”

  3. You’ll have a monthly calendar view of all prior WODs programmed by your gym. Select one to view the full workout, see the leaderboard and/or log your results. 

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