Tracking Personal Records (PRs)

WodUp automatically tracks your PRs so all of your important performance information is easy to access and in one place.

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WodUp automatically tracks athlete PRs (personal records) and marks them in WodUp If you use WodTV in your gym, the PR Gong will sound in the gym whenever someone gets a PR to celebrate an athlete’s progress!

How WodUp Tracks PRs

WodUp identifies PRs for every exercise completed by an athlete. PRs are marked with a star next to the result on the Log Results page, and in the athlete’s progress chart. PRs are only tracked after the athlete completes the same exercise or metcon more than one time.

WodUp displays the difference between your old and new PR.

For strength workouts, PRs are awarded based on the combination of the amount of weight lifted and number of reps completed, plus special PRs for max number of reps ever, or highest weight ever etc.

Modifying or scaling metcons makes athletes ineligible for a PR. 

TIP: from your Profile > Analytics page, see an overview of your recent workouts, including, days in the gym, number of PRs and benchmarks for strength movements

Importing your existing PRs

If you want to enter your current PRs from before you started using WodUp, you can create a Personal Session and enter everything there as if you just did it. Then anything you do after that will be measured against that level. You might want to give that session a name like "Previous PRs", and set the "when you did this" date to before you started using WodUp. WodUp will then recalculate any more recent results you've entered to see any PRs there!

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