SUBJECT: Track your workouts to maximize your results


Dear Athletes,

We're excited to announce that on <DATE> we will adopt a new workout tracking platform called WodUp. 

Here are a few great features of WodUp that we know you’ll love:

  • Prepare for class: view today’s WOD and watch movement videos.

  • Convenience: WodUp makes it easy to access your entire workout history and PRs so that you can make progress every time you train. 

  • Leaderboards: see how you rank in today’s WOD and in our gym's all-time leaderboard.

  • Stay connected: Find and follow friends and like and comment on their results to motivate each other. 

How to Sign Up

You'll soon receive your account details via e-mail from WodUp. Simply accept the invitation to join.

How WodUp Works

A TV monitor in the gym will display the WOD and provide a hub for you to log your results during the workout. Logging is fast and easy, and you can do it from the gym, on your mobile or PC. 

Follow these steps to save the WodUp web application to your mobile home screen.

We look forward to using this new platform with everyone!



<Coach’s Name>

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