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How to Transfer your Account to Another WodUp Gym
How to Transfer your Account to Another WodUp Gym

Bring your performance history with you wherever you go.

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Never worry about losing your performance history on WodUp! Whether you decide to take a break from the gym or move to a new one, WodUp will keep your performance history all in one place.ย 

For Athletes:
Transferring to another gym is easy! Ask your new gym to add you as a member of WodUp following the normal procedure. Provide them with the same email that you used at your previous gym to make sure you can access your existing workout history. You will receive an email invitation prompting you to join the new gym on WodUp. Simply click 'accept' to join.

For Gym Owners:
If you have an athlete joining your gym from another WodUp gym, simply create their account following the normal procedure. This article tells you how to add members to WodUp.

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