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Add private notes for coaches to help them run class more effectively

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When you're planning a class, you're not just thinking about the workout. You're also thinking about equipment, safety, scaling options, timing and lots more. And when you're running a class, you need that information to be successful, particularly if you didn't do the planning yourself. 

WodUp allows private Coaching Notes to be shared between coaches in the Program screen like this: 

As well as the context menu that shows when you highlight text, the editor is optimized for speed, so when you're editing, you can 

  • make text bold or italic with Cmd-B/Cmd-I

  • make bullet points just by starting a line with an asterisk * or a dash - followed by a space

  • make headers by starting a line with # or ## 

  • paste in a URL and it will become a link

Who sees Coaching Notes

Anyone with access to the Program screen will also be able to see the coaching notes there, so that means anyone who is an Admin or a Coach. 

Athletes cannot see Coaching Notes in WodUp

Where can I see Coaching Notes

Notes are only available from the Program screen within Gym Admin, where they can also be edited, but they are available both on desktop and on mobile.

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