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What's the Water Cooler?
What's the Water Cooler?

Group chat for your gym

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The Water Cooler is a simple group chat for your gym community, where anyone in your gym community (coaches, in-house members or online subscribers) can post messages to everyone else. It's totally public, and how you use it is up to you!

Some communities are using the Water Cooler to ask clarifying questions about the workouts when they are following remotely. Others are using it just to share fun stories or news. Each gym's water cooler chat has a distinct flavor. 

Each day has a new chat, and you can post on whatever day you want. If someone replies to your message you'll get a notification.

Coaches - we recommend you keep an eye on the chat to make sure it's positive. If you see any behaviour you're not happy with, we encourage you to resolve it directly with the people concerned. 

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