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Videos in WodUp

See how to share videos with your athletes for movements, workouts, etc.

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We love video at WodUp, particularly when people are following a program remotely. And there are a number of places where video can be used. Here are a few: 

Movement Videos

Each movement in our movement library can have one or more videos attached to it, demonstrating what it looks like and sometimes how to do it. Most of these videos are sourced from YouTube and recommended by users when they request new movements are added to the library. If you don't like one of the movement videos, or want to recommend one for a movement that doesn't yet have one, drop us a line at

If your plan includes the ability to manage your own movement videos, then you will also be able to override the videos with your own, so your members and subscribers will see your videos instead. Do this from the Library > Movements screen in Gym Admin. 

WOD Videos

Each day's WOD can have a video attached to it, which will be displayed above the first component when looking at the WOD on the Timeline. We recommend you use this space for a video you have published yourself. Introduce the workout, perhaps give some guidance about timing, movements, etc. This is especially useful when people are following remotely. 

Adding a video to a WOD can be done from the Program screen's WOD builder.

You'll need to first upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo. You can copy/paste the link and we'll work out how to embed it. When you publish, you may want to make the video "unlisted" so it's not easily discovered publicly, but can be viewed by anyone from WodUp. 

Videos in Workouts

If you include a video link in a Warm Up or a Something Else workout description, we'll automatically embed a player so people can view the video without leaving WodUp. 

Many people instead choose to put video links in the Notes section. Any links in there will be recognised so they will be clickable when athletes see them. This works for any link, not just videos.

Videos in Notes

You can put a link to a video in the notes section when recording a result. You might want to use this to ask your coach for a form check when following remotely. Links to YouTube, Vimeo and Coach's Eye videos will work. You can record with your phone's camera and drop it right in. 

Videos in Social

Any video links in comments will become an embedded video. Coaches could use this to link to an informative video. Or you could use it to link to Crazy Frog, Baby Shark, Rick Astley... 

WodUp's social features are meant to be fun. Enjoy it! 😉

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