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Import your members from another platform
Import your members from another platform

Moving from SugarWOD, Wodify, BTWB etc. is just a few clicks

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When you get started with WodUp in your gym, you will need to create accounts for your members. If you're using a membership management platform like Pushpress, TeamUp, Mindbody, or another workout tracking platform like SugarWOD or Beyond The Whiteboard, you can export a list, then import in bulk.


For example, to migrate from SugarWOD, on the SugarWOD Athlete > All Athletes page (aka Athlete Roster), hit the Export button at the top right.


That'll give you a CSV file that you can import to Excel or Google Sheets.

Importing a CSV into Google Sheets:

You'll then need to switch it around to look like our bulk import format. Save the reformatted data as CSV, checking the WodUp Gym Admin > People > Add > Bulk Import screen for the format.

Note that all columns are necessary. If your data doesn't include the gender, don't worry. Your members will have a chance to confirm this when they accept your invitation!

Import to WodUp

Upload the file to WodUp's Bulk Import function. You'll have a chance to review the data and confirm.

Invitations will be sent to everyone by email, and they will be asked to confirm their name, gender and set a password for their account. If someone already has a WodUp account (an individual account, or an account with another gym), then they will receive an invitation to link to your gym from that same account.

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