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Programming 101 for Admins: How to Enter, Edit & Publish WODs
Programming 101 for Admins: How to Enter, Edit & Publish WODs
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WodUp supports a wide range of workout types. This articles shows you how to enter, edit and publish a workout from your Admin account. 

Note: use your PC to access all Admin features (like workout programming). A mobile-friendly Admin application will be delivered in the future.

Entering a WOD

1. From a desktop or laptop computer, log in to WodUp.

2. At the top of the screen, click on your gym's name. Select Admin from the drop-down menu. You’ll be directed to the Workout Planner, where you can view all programmed WODs. 

3. On the Workout Planner screen, click on the day you want to enter a new WOD. If you have multiple class types, you can enter a unique workout for each class. 

4. Start to enter the WOD by selecting the type of workout you want to enter.

5. Start programming!

  • Here's an overview of WodUp's programming notation so you can indicate max reps, rep ranges, and more.

  • TIP: Only use the Something Else workout category to input non-standard workouts that are not natively supported by WodUp. Athlete results associated with workouts programmed as Something Else will not be recorded in the athlete's workout history. 

  • TIP: You can drag-and-drop WODs in the workout planner and make edits for quicker programming.

Editing a WOD

You can edit workouts in WodUp at any time -- even after athletes have logged results.

To edit the WOD:

1. Select the WOD you want to edit from the Workout Builder page.
2. Click on the part of the WOD you want to edit.

  • If results have already been logged, "clone" the exercise you want to edit. The original exercise will only be visible by athletes who have logged their results. All other athletes will see the revised exercise.

3. Click Save Changes (or Save and Go to Calendar to return to the Workout Planner).

Publishing a WOD

The default publishing time is 12 noon the day before the WOD, but you can customize the publishing date and time of your workout on your gym's Settings page. (Here is an article with instructions on how to change the WOD publishing time).

WODs can be programmed as far in advance as you would like. Athletes will not see the WOD until the scheduled publishing date and time. You can edit your program even after the WOD has been published, up until the first athlete results are logged. 

Publish Directly to Your Website or Blog
WodUp integrates seamlessly with WordPress sites so you only have to enter your programming one time. Publishing to your gym’s website or blog will follow the same date and time you choose for publishing in the WodUp application. 

Contact us to set up your WordPress integration:

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