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How to Enter a Metcon
How to Enter a Metcon
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WodUp supports a wide variety of conditioning workout styles:

  • For Time (1 Round)

  • Rounds for Time

  • Rounds for Time with Different Reps (e.g., 21-15-9)

  • AMRAPs

  • AMReps

  • EMOM Metcons

  • Rounds for Points (Fight Gone Bad)

  • Tabata

  • Increasing Reps ("Death By" style workouts)

  • Twelve Days

If you can't find what you're looking for, use the ‘Something Else’ category.

Follow these steps to add a metcon to your WOD:

1. Select Multiple Movements as the workout type.

2. Select the metcon type. In this example, we use For Time (one round for time).

3. Add movements and specify reps. You have the option of adding a time cap.

Athletes will log their time to complete the workout. Athletes can also record the load used, and have the option to modify or scale movements as needed. 

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