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Movements in WodUp
Movements in WodUp

How to find, create, and track movements, in your own movement library.

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What is a movement?

Some example movements:

  • Back Squat

  • Handstand Hold

  • Row

  • Assault Bike

  • 1 Squat Clean + 3 Push Jerks - this is a complex, see below!

Some examples of things that are not movements:

  • Warm-Up - this is a generic term, and will not always be the same each time, so it's not a great candidate for a movement. Create your Warm-Up as a component of your WOD or session instead. 

  • "Fran" - this is the name of a well-known CrossFit benchmark workout. Although the standards are well defined, this is a repeated sequence of movements, and lives in the workout library rather than the movement library. 

  • "2000m Row" - the movement here is "Row", and the workout is to Row for a distance of 2000m, probably recording the time taken. 

Movements are central to tracking in WodUp. We track PRs, chart progress and display history based on the movements you select. So using the same movement each time and avoiding duplicates will help you track more accurately.

WodUp has a core library of movements, and we recommend you use them where possible. We appreciate feedback on the library. If you find something wrong or counter-intuitive, let us know ( 

But if you can't find the movement you need, you can add it, and it will be stored in your Movement Library.

Creating your own movements

From the movement picker, when searching you can see movements that match what you're looking for, so pick the right one if it exists, but adding something new is as simple as hitting the "New Movement" button. 

Movements created will be put in your personal library if you're logging, or if you're an admin and you are programming a WOD, in the library of the gym.

You can then use the movement immediately in your workout.

When creating a movement, you'll be asked which attributes you might be logging - reps, load etc. This will determine which boxes appear by default in the workout builder, but you can always override when creating a workout, or change these choices from your library, so just pick what you think you'll need and don't worry too much about it!

How can I fix or delete a movement I created?

Movements you create are stored in the Movement Library

For movements created while programming a WOD in the Gym Admin > Program screen, the movement will be stored in the gym's library (Gym Admin > Library > Movements). 

For movements created while logging (on a WOD or a personal session), the movement will be in your personal library, accessible from the Athlete menu
(Menu > Movement Library).

What is a complex?

A complex is any series of movements done back-to-back. A set number of repetitions is completed for each movement before shifting immediately on to the next movement, without resting, or dropping the weight. 

In WodUp, a complex can be used as a movement in any workout. To create a complex, choose the complex tab from the Movement Picker, hit "New Complex" and build the sequence you're looking for. The only restrictions are 

  • The weight must remain the same, so you can't mix bodyweight and loaded movements. 

  • The movements must have reps, so you can't mix in an isometric hold for example.

You can then use the complex immediately. You'll see a reps input by default, and maybe a load, which will be the same for all the sub-movements. Usually entering 1 or more reps is the right thing, meaning "Do the whole sequence once/X times". 

WodUp is smart enough to track PRs and history for all the movements in a complex. Your history for the movements will include reps done as part of a complex.

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