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How to Enter WODs for Different Programs / Class Types
How to Enter WODs for Different Programs / Class Types

Learn how to set up different programs/classes for your gym

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With WodUp you can enter unique WODs for each program offered by your gym. 

  • Programs allow you to publish WODs and classes on WodUp

  • Athletes can subscribe to their preferred programs. WODs for the programs athletes have subscribed to will appear on their Home screen.

  • If you use WodTV, you can create schedules for each program. Using schedules will let athletes sign into the right class. For example: “12 pm Barbell Club.”

STEP 1: Add a Program

 Create programs for each of your gym's class types (we set you up with CrossFit as a default). 

Edit the name of each Program to reflect the class name used by your gym. 

  • Click on Your Gym > Admin

  • Click on Settings > Programs

  • Click on the blue button "+ New Program"

  • Enter the Program name. For example, you can set up "HIIT” or “Barbell Club” programs. 

Optional: Programs can be further broken down into fitness levels. This enables you to tailor a WOD for members with different levels of training experience. For example, your Barbell Club program may have three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

STEP 2: If you use WodTV, add Programs to your Class Schedule

  • Click on Your Gym > Admin

  • Click on Settings > Schedule

  • Click on the calendar to add a class day and time

  • Select the program name from the drop-down menu and the days/times of the class. (It is also possible to have different classes running at the same time).

Here is an example of a class schedule: 

Note: don't worry about adding Open Gym to your WodUp schedule. Members can sign in to Open Gym automatically from WodTV.

STEP 3: Enter WODs for Each Program

Easily program for multiple classes in one day. Here is an example of how the WODs will appear in your Workout Planner:

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