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How to Create WodUp Accounts for your Members and Coaches
How to Create WodUp Accounts for your Members and Coaches
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This article explains three ways to easily create a WodUp account for a gym member or coach:

  1. How to add a new member from the People page

  2. How to add a new member from WodTV

  3. How to share a passcode with members so they can complete a self-sign up and  automatically join your gym

Coaches should be added as members first with these instructions, then any admin can switch their role to coach or admin as described in this article.

1: Add a New Member from the People Page

1. Sign in as an Admin, then select People > Add Members.

2. You can bulk-import members, or add one member at a time.

Note - if it says your account needs to be verified first, email us at and we'll enable it immediately.

3. To add a single member, enter the member’s full name (first and last), email and gender.

If bulk importing a list of members, you can email your member list to Use whatever format is easiest for you, and make sure it has the name, email and gender of your athletes in it. We'll let you know when your members have been added to WodUp.

Or, follow the instructions on screen (and shown below) to bulk-import your member list:

2: Add a New Member from WodTV

Members can create their own account from WodTV. WodUp Admin account holders will receive an alert anytime a new member is added. The member will receive an email from WodUp inviting them to join your gym.

From the Log Results screen on WodTV:

1. Click Create your account.

2. Type the member's full name, email and gender (we use this information to show the athlete the correct WOD and leaderboard). 

Click Add Member.

3. A confirmation message will appear. The new member will be signed in to class.

3: Share a Passcode

1. Sign in as an Admin, then select People > Add Members.
2. Check the box to allow athletes to join your gym using a passcode. 

A unique passcode will be generated, allowing athletes to create a WodUp account on our website ( and join your gym directly.

If the passcode is not known, an athlete can still create their account on, search for your gym, and send a request to join. Member requests will appear on the People page and can be approved by Admins.

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