How to Use WodTV in the Gym

Learn how to display the workout and log results.

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WodTV gives coaches and athletes everything they need for a successful group workout class. From WodTV you can:

  • Display the WOD

  • Log results for class members

  • Display a leaderboard of results

  • Sign in to Open Gym and log your own workouts

Setting up to use WodTV

To use WodTV, you will first need to

To show WodTV on a big TV screen, check out the recommended hardware.

How to Access WodTV

  • Sign in to your WodUp account.

  • From the YOUR GYM drop-down menu, select ADMIN

  • You'll be directed to the programming page (shown below). Click on WodTV to display the class workout.

  • Your class workout for today will appear on the monitor.
    If you have WODs for more than one program, you can select the program you want to see by clicking on the program name. Click a component to go full screen.

From the LOG RESULTS page, your members can sign in to class, log their workout results, and view their workout history.

You can switch between the three WodTV pages listed on the top of the screen:

  • WOD: displays the workout of the day. 

  • Log Results: where members sign in, log their scores and view their workout history.

  • Leaderboard: view the leaderboard for each part of the workout.

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