You can program workouts as far in advance as you like, but you might not want athletes to be able to see them immediately.

WodUp will automatically publish your workouts to your athletes on either a daily or weekly schedule. WodUp's default schedule for group programs is daily, at 12:00 noon the day before the workout. 

Daily publishing means the workout will become visible to athletes on a daily basis, for example, at noon on the day before the workout.

Weekly publishing means the workouts will become visible to athletes on a weekly basis, for example, the entire week's programming would be available at noon on the Sunday before that week. The week in WodUp runs from Monday to Sunday.

To change the publishing schedule of a program:

  1. Go to Settings > Programs in your gym's admin page, and choose a program. 

  2. Under Publishing Schedule, you can choose your preferred publishing schedule. Note that the publishing time of any existing workouts won't be impacted, but any new workouts will use the newly configured publishing time.

If you use WodUp to publish your workouts to your website, then those workouts will also only become visible at the specified publishing time. Similarly WodTV will only show workouts that are visible to athletes.

Note: anything already entered in your workout planner will not be impacted by the new publishing time. To change the publishing time for WODs already in the system, follow the below instructions.

To change the publishing time for a single workout:

1. Select a WOD from the workout planner.
2. Click the drop-down menu (shown below) to change the publishing time for the workout.
3. Save your changes.

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