WodUp lets you add different fitness levels and corresponding WODs to a single group class (e.g. beginner/intermediate/advanced or fitness/competitor etc.). 

This is appropriate when athletes at the different levels train together in a single group class, but with different workouts. The class will have a single schedule. 

Athletes subscribe to a specific fitness level and will see the associated WOD when they sign in to their WodUp account or use WodTV in the gym. 

How to do it:

STEP 1: Define Different Fitness Levels

  • Settings > Programs 

  • Click on an active Program or create a new one.

  • Add the name of the levels. 

STEP 2: Program for Each Fitness Level

Assign parts of the WOD to different fitness levels:

  • Enter the WOD programming.

  • Select the fitness level from the drop-down menu (circled below).

You can copy any part of the WOD to a different fitness level, and then edit the workout as needed. This saves you time so you don't need to enter the same programming multiple times. (See below screen shot)


  • will show all athletes in the class (at all levels) in the list of names on the left side in the Log Results view

  • will display your class WODs with different fitness levels side-by-side in the WOD view:

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