This article explains how to program EMOM-style workouts. WodUp gives you the flexibility to customize the time intervals as needed.

EMOM-style Strength Workouts

  • From the workout builder, select Single Movement. 

  • Click Sets.

  • Enter the number of reps to be performed.

  • Click Rest. Editing the rest period once will automatically adjust the rest period between all sets. 

  • Select Start a set every X seconds and specify when athletes should start the next set (shown below):

The workout instructions tell athletes to perform 10 deadlifts every minute, for 10 minutes (10 sets):

EMOM-style Conditioning Workouts

  • From the workout builder, select Multiple Movements.

  • Click EMOM Metcon.

  • Adjust the interval duration and number of rounds. Add a single or multiple movements to each interval. 

Here's an example of an 18 minute workout, where athletes start every 90 seconds:

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