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Fixed-Length Programs
Fixed-Length Programs

Create a fixed program that people can follow individually at their own pace, e.g. a 6-week skill program, or a series of travel workouts

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Setting up a program

From the Gym Admin > Settings > Programs screen, add a new program, and select this option (if you don't see this option, this feature hasn't been enabled for you!)

Select an appropriate name, and visibility options etc. and save. Note that you can't change the style after it's been set, so double-check!

Adding workouts

Programming for fixed-length programs is just like programming for a continuous program, except that the workouts you add are on a relative timeline (Week 1, day 3 etc) rather than an absolute date (e.g. May 4th 2019).

You'll find your fixed programs under Program > Fixed-length programs on Gym Admin.

Athlete view

Members of your gym will be able to see your new program in two places:

1. On your gym profile page, linked from Your Gym > Gym Name or Programs. From here, they can click right into the program and see the list of workouts and go in and do one right away. They will also be able to see which they've already done.

2. On their Settings > Gyms and Programs athletes will be able to add the program to their Timeline, just as they would a continuous program. Since workouts are not assigned dates, athletes will just see a link that takes them to the program page, where they can choose a workout to log.
For example:

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