Often, coaches will repeat parts of a program, or use previous programming as the basis for a new week. In WodUp, you can easily copy WODs around within a program.

Move or Copy a Single WOD

To copy a single WOD within a calendar page, click and drag on the "handle" marked with dots at the top left. Pro-tip: Your pointer will look like a hand 🤚🏻 when you hover over it!

To move the WOD instead, hold Shift while you release the mouse button. To cancel the dragging operation, press Escape.

Move or Copy a WOD Component

Individual components can be moved/copied between WODs. Say you want to swap Wednesday's outdoor run for Thursday's Row because it looks like rain 🌧

Here we're using the Shift key to move instead of copy:

Note that you can't reorder components from the calendar view, so you'll need to open up the WODs and drag things into the order you want from there.

Move or Copy Multiple WODs

To move or copy multiple WODs, first select them with the checkboxes that appear when you hover. After selecting all the WODs, click one of them and drag to the date where you want the corresponding WOD to be copied (e.g. if you drag the first WOD, choose the date where you want the first WOD to be copied).

Note that if the WODs are not on consecutive days (e.g. Mon/Wed/Fri), they will keep that spacing at the destination.

Select multiple WODs and copy with drag within a screen

Move or Copy between Calendar Pages

If you want to copy programming from a previous month, e.g. if you are running a 4-week cycle and you want to copy Week 1 from June to Week 1 of July, the process is similar.

Select as many WODs as you want from one page (maybe start small the first time!). Then drag to copy, dropping on the "Move to another month" button near the top that appears when you start dragging. Days with existing WODs will have dots in the calendar indicating you can't copy to that date.

Notice in this example of copying a week of programming from May to July how we start by dragging the Monday WOD, and select a Monday as the destination from the calendar:


  • It's not currently possible to copy WODs between programs from the calendar. It is possible to change the program of a single WOD when editing it. Click on the WOD to open the WOD Builder screen, then click the program name to select the new program.
  • It's not possible to copy a WOD to a date that already has a WOD. Each program only has a single WOD per day.

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