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5 Steps to Start Using WodUp in Your Gym
5 Steps to Start Using WodUp in Your Gym

Welcome! Here's what you can do to start using WodUp in your gym.

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Did your gym just start trialling WodUp? Follow these steps to get started!

STEP 1: Log In and Add Your Gym's Logo

Sign in to WodUp. We recommend saving WodUp to your phone's home screen for easy access. Just follow these steps

To add your logo:

  • Click on Your Gym > Admin

  • Click on Settings > Gym Details

  • Click Select New Gym Logo and upload your logo

  • Click Save Changes on the bottom of the page

STEP 2: Add a Program

Create programs to support all of your gym's classes (we set you up with CrossFit as a default). 

Programs allows you to publish WODs and classes on WodUp. For example, you can set up "HIIT” or “Barbell Club” programs. 

  • Click on Your Gym > Admin

  • Click on Settings > Programs

  • Enter a Program name

Optional: Programs can be broken down into different fitness levels (e.g. “Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced”), allowing you to program various WODs within a single group class. Click here to  learn more about programming for a class with different levels

STEP 3: Enter WODs

The workout planner makes it easy to enter new workouts or re-use old ones. This article tells you how to enter a new WOD.

Best Practice: Before launching WodUp to your members, add WODs for today and tomorrow to give athletes something to view when they sign in to WodUp for the first time.

STEP 4: Add Members

Or, send us your members' details and we'll create their accounts for you. Just send us an Excel or CSV file with three columns containing your members' full name, email and gender. 

Your members will receive a welcome email with their login details. 

Tip: Include your gym staff. Set your coaches up as Admin or Coach so they can help manage the programs.

STEP 5: Get Athletes Logging

Your members will adopt the habits you promote in your gym, so announce WodUp to your members and tell them why performance tracking is important to making progress. A quick reminder to log during and after the WOD is all it takes to help your members develop this healthy habit.

Tip: Use this email template to announce WodUp to your athletes.

3...2...1.... you're ready to get social! It's easy to like and comment on your members' workouts directly from the leaderboard or on your Feed. Use our social features to welcome new members, like an athlete's WOD result, or leave an encouraging comment for a job well done. Our social features foster connections across different classes, and help coaches and athletes build lasting relationships.

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